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The Charlotte Garden Club 2016 - 2017 Speaker Schedule
September 19, 2016
Celebrating the Natural Gardens of the Carolinas
Will StuartThe Natural Gardens of North Carolina, the seminal work by B. W. Wells published in 1932, encouraged us all to view our state as more than mountains, piedmont, and coastal plain. While ostensibly discussing 10 "natural gardens," Wells' lyrical writing guided us through scores of native plant communities, nudging us to appreciate the interactions of terrain, climate, and soil and to observe the resulting trees, shrubs, and forbs.
We now know that the Carolinas are home to hundreds of special and unique plant associations, from granite outcrops to grassy balds to rich cove forests to the coastal pine savannas that so charmed Dr. Wells. In recent years, handsome new species including the Oak Barrens Barbara's Buttons and the Sandhills Lily have been added to our flora. The works of Doug Tallamy and others have encouraged us to deepen our appreciation of the insect and native birds that depend upon our plant communities.
Over the past decade, Will Stuart has visited scores of unique southeast plant communities, looking for and photographing the unique plant species that thrive in these small and often fragmented habitats. Will's presentation visits dozens of these special destinations and celebrates the floral diversity of the Carolinas.
Will Stuart is an outdoor enthusiast and an avid native plant and bird photographer. Most recently Will worked with Dr. Larry Mellichamp as photographer for Native Plants of the Southeast, published by Timber Press in 2014. Will spends much of his time in the Carolinas, documenting the flora and fauna that depend upon the region's many and diverse natural areas. Many of his images feature an "up close and personal" view of a blossom, a bud, a bird, or a butterfly.
Will is an active member of the North Carolina Native Plant Society, the National Aububon Society, and the Carolina Nature Photographers Association.
October 17, 2016
The Beauty of Moore Farms Botanical Garden
Rebecca Turk
Join Rebecca Turk on a virtual tour of Moore Farms. Nestled among fields of corn and soybeans, this 50-acre garden is located in the rural Pee Dee region near Lake City, South Carolina. By combining cutting edge horticultural practices and rural gardening traditions, the Garden is reinterpreting what it means to be a Southern garden: a careful blend of exuberant plant displays, bounding meadows and enduring vistas of grey green pines. Woven throughout this aesthetic tapestry are innovative research, educational programs and community outreach. The resulting union of art and scholarship is a dazzling example of the modern botanical garden.
Embracing its southern pastoral setting through an informal, expressive design scheme. Moore Farms Botanical Garden is wildly beautiful, creative and soulful; a place of both inspiration and comfort, where plants rule and there is a feeling of discovery, a sense of hitting upon something that others haven't.
Rebecca Turk is the Education and Events Manager at Moore Farms. She graduated with a MS degree in Horticulture from North Carolina State University in 2012 and BS in Agriculture, focusing in horticulture, from Stephen F. Austin State University in 2010. She discovered her passion for public horticulture and teaching through her mom and her work at the SFA Mast Arboretum, Nacogdoches Naturally, Missouri Botanical Garden and the JC Raulston Arboretum. She has a strong passion for educating the community and sharing her love for the outdoors.  
November 21, 2016
A Garden for All Seasons - Highlights of a South Carolina Garden
John Elsley
The prevailing climate of our region enables gardeners to grow a remarkable and extensive range of ornamental plants - a range that encompasses plants associated with both more more northern and southern climate regimes. We are able to enjoy distinct, but usually not extreme, seasonal climatic variations which enable gardeners to create innovative landscapes exhibiting year-round ornamental appeal.
In his presentation, John introduces us to his 36 year-old, one acre urban shade garden located in Greenwood, South Carolina. He describes a selection of his favorite plants and how each seasonally contributes to the ultimate objective of creating a garden of year-round ornamental interest.

John E. Elsley's extensive formal education in the United Kingdom (at the University of Leicester, the Essex Institute of Agriculture and the royal Botanic Gardens, Kew) encompassed the practical and theoretical aspects of Botany together with the commercial and ornamental spheres of Horticulture. For nearly 50 years he has built on this education in profit and non - profit entities within the Botanical and Horticultural worlds.

His professional career encompasses being Botanist for the Royal Horticultural Society at their Wisley Garden, Curator of Hardy Plants at the Missouri Botanical Garden in St. Louis, senior positions with the George W. Park Seed Company and their Wayside Gardens division, Horticultural Director for the Klehm Song Sparrow Farm and Nursery and most recently as a Consultant to the Gardens Alive group of companies.

Through his career in retail and direct marketing environments, his experiences included strategic planning, policy and procedure development, budgeting, vendor selection, product specification and selection, purchasing and inventory control, sales, marketing and quality control. In 1999, he was the recipient of the inaugural Retail Sales Award from the
Perennial Plant Association.

John and his wife Billie are avid gardeners. He has always enjoyed photographing plants and gardens and maintains an extensive botanical and horticultural library. An interest in English garden history stimulated John's enthusiasm for collecting antique English garden watercolors from the late 19th and early 20th century. In 2012, his collection was exhibited at the Morris Museum of Art in Augusta, Georgia. John is a longtime Judge at the Cincinnati Flower Show and an active volunteer for various horticultural endeavors in his hometown of Greenwood, South Carolina.

December 5, 2016
Holiday Program
Pat McCall
Pat McCall of the Blossom Shop brings years of floral design and teaching experience to our annual Holiday Program. Pat excels in bringing the beauty of our southern gardens and woodlands indoors. Think boxwood, pinecones, mosses, apples, cranberries...the real thing! Best of all: she can show you how to do it! But if you're short on time, her creations will be available to purchase at the conclusion of the program. Don't forget to bring your checkbook!
January 23, 2017
A Move to "Default Native"
Selecting Native Flora Whenever Possible in Private Developments and on Public Lands

Tom EarnhardtTom Earnhardt
is an avid naturalist. A keen observer and photographer of the natural world, his outdoor and conservation-related travel and speaking engagements have taken him across North America, the British Isles, Europe, and Asia--including Russia (six trips), Indonesia, and China. He is also a fly fisherman, who has fished around the globe. A lifelong resident of North Carolina, Tom has criss-crossed North Carolina researching, writing and co-producing over 70 episodes of the natural science series, "Exploring North Carolina." The UNC-TV television series highlights natural resources of North Carolina and the Southeast and has been nominated for Emmy Awards five times.
A graduate of Davidson College and UNC School of Law, Tom is an attorney with experience in government, corporate, and private practice. Earnhardt also had over 20 years in the classroom, and retired as a full professor. At North Carolina Central University School of Law he taught Property, Business Associations, and Environmental Law.

February 20, 2017
Blurring the Lines between Nature & Man at the SC Botanical Garden
The SCBG has been known as the place "where nature and culture meet" for many years but in the past six years we have taken our motto to a new level. The philosophy of the Garden is to be an inviting place where the visitor may contemplate the importance that our choices as an individual have and how those choices shape the world around us. This is a place where you will learn that if you throw down a shell you will change the world and we can see the choices of our forefathers in every facet of the world around us. Join Patrick as he takes us on a journey along the trails and through history to examine the nature of the Carolinas and how the SCBG is bringing this light.

Patrick McMillanPatrick McMillan
is the host, co-creator and writer of the popular, Emmy-award winning ETV nature program Expeditions with Patrick McMillan. For over 25 years, Patrick has worked as a professional naturalist, biologist and educator. His range of experience has concentrated on botany, though he is also well-respected through his work in ichthyology, herpetology and mammalogy. Patrick is a professional naturalist, the Glenn and Heather Hilliard Professor of Environmental Sustainability at Clemson University, where his is also a faculty member in the Department of Forestry and Environmental Conservation, and the director of the South Carolina Botanical Garden, the Bob Campbell Geology Museum and the Clemson Experimental Forest.
Patrick received his B.S. in Biology from the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, and his Ph.D. in Biological Sciences from Clemson University. He has twice been honored with the distinction of faculty excellence at Clemson and was the inaugural recipient of the Rowland P. Alston Sr. Award for Communication. In 2005, he was awarded the distinctions of Conservation Partner of the Year by the Partnership for the Blue Ridge, as well as Outstanding Classified Employee by Clemson University. He is a contributor to the book Life at the Water's Edge, which won the 2005 Renewable Natural Resources Foundations Outstanding Achievement Award and has been selected to receive one of ten South Carolina Notable State Document Awards for 2005.

March 20, 2017
Sizzling Succulents

Brie ArthurBrie Arthur
, originally from southeastern Michigan, studied Landscape Design at Purdue University. With more than a decade of experience in plant production, she has worked in many aspects of horticulture including estate gardening at Montrose Gardens and nursery production at Plant Delights and Camellia Forest Nursery.
As a professional garden industry communicator, Brie is committed to getting the message out that all things horticultural are the way of the future. 2017 brings many new ventures, including her forthcoming book, The Foodscape Revolution, published by St Lynn's Press.

April 17, 2017
Wit and Wisdom from the Garden

Kay MinorJeffrey DrumKay Minor
and Jeffrey Drum have agreed to join forces to bring you an entertaining mix of gardening stories and information. Kay and Jeff have created and worked in many of Charlotte's finest gardens--including their own gardens which will be featured on our tour this spring. Their gardening expertise includes design, maintenance and plant selection. Most importantly both Kay and Jeff have the unique ability to introduce just the right amount of whimsy and delight to the garden. Don't miss this opportunity to learn from 2 of Charlotte's finest gardeners. Both Kay and Jeff are happy to answer your questions.

Both Kay Minor and Jeffrey Drum have brought their expertise in garden design and maintenance to many of Charlotte's finest gardens including their own - featured on our ART IN THE GARDEN TOUR this April. They bring energy, an eye for design, and a passion for plants to the garden and are quick to share their enthusiasm with other gardeners. Kay's Elizabeth garden is Zen-like with ample whimsy. Jeff's Madison Park garden exemplifies his belief that a garden is ever-changing and always a work in progress. Tonight's program is a great way to obtain wisdom - and wit - from two of Charlotte's finest gardeners.
April 22-23, 2017

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