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Next Meeting -- Monday, January 12, 2015
Greg Paige, Arboretum Curator, The Bartlett Tree Research Laboratories and Arboretum
Live, Thrive and Survive! Navigating the Urban Environment To Maintain Healthy Plants.  
All too often plants fail in our urban landscape because simple, basic things were not done. This presentation will discuss and outline a sustainable approach to start off on the right foot, guideline to stay on course followed by some strong, favorite performers that are adaptable to a little bit of tough love.

The program is free and open to the public. Meetings are held at the Mint Museum Randolph. Refreshments are served at 7pm, programs begin at 7:30pm.  
The Charlotte Garden Club was organized in 1924 as North Carolina's first garden club. Its purpose is to further its members' knowledge of gardening through programs and projects under the direction of experts in the fields of horticulture and design.

Members meet one evening a month from September through May to share in educational lectures and entertainment by authorities in landscape design, horticulture and other topics of interest to people who enjoy gardens and gardening.

The Charlotte Garden Club has been an Affiliate of the Mint Museum of Art since 1954. It contributes to projects designed to beautify the Mint Museum and its grounds as well as projects which add to the beauty of Charlotte.
Projects funded by the Charlotte Garden Club at the Mint Museum of Art include the construction and continuing maintenance of the two Courtyard Gardens which are visible from the gallery windows; the installation of a sprinkler system on the grounds; the construction and maintenance of the Terrace Garden at the entrance; and Christmas decorations for the building.


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