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September 19, 2016
Celebrating the Natural Gardens of the Carolinas
Will StuartThe Natural Gardens of North Carolina, the seminal work by B. W. Wells published in 1932, encouraged us all to view our state as more than mountains, piedmont, and coastal plain. While ostensibly discussing 10 "natural gardens," Wells' lyrical writing guided us through scores of native plant communities, nudging us to appreciate the interactions of terrain, climate, and soil and to observe the resulting trees, shrubs, and forbs.
We now know that the Carolinas are home to hundreds of special and unique plant associations, from granite outcrops to grassy balds to rich cove forests to the coastal pine savannas that so charmed Dr. Wells. In recent years, handsome new species including the Oak Barrens Barbara's Buttons and the Sandhills Lily have been added to our flora. The works of Doug Tallamy and others have encouraged us to deepen our appreciation of the insect and native birds that depend upon our plant communities.
Over the past decade, Will Stuart has visited scores of unique southeast plant communities, looking for and photographing the unique plant species that thrive in these small and often fragmented habitats. Will's presentation visits dozens of these special destinations and celebrates the floral diversity of the Carolinas.
Will Stuart is an outdoor enthusiast and an avid native plant and bird photographer. Most recently Will worked with Dr. Larry Mellichamp as photographer for Native Plants of the Southeast, published by Timber Press in 2014. Will spends much of his time in the Carolinas, documenting the flora and fauna that depend upon the region's many and diverse natural areas. Many of his images feature an "up close and personal" view of a blossom, a bud, a bird, or a butterfly.
Will is an active member of the North Carolina Native Plant Society, the National Aububon Society, and the Carolina Nature Photographers Association.
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